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Project Details

Project Abstract
The 24-month T-AREA-SoS Support Action (from September 2011 to August 2013) addresses ICT-2011.3.3, target outcome g) to analyse international research agendas to prepare concrete joint R&D initiatives for international collaboration, particularly with the USA in the area of Systems of Systems (SoS). The concept for this proposal is to exploit the established networks of the participants and associates (based in EU and US) including the extant activities they lead within the IEEE and INCOSE in the area of SoS to explore and evolve SoS R&D themes and priorites for FP7/FP8 and other international programmes that will lead to outcomes that address societal needs, with exemplars across a wide variety of sectors including non-traditional aspects of Energy, Transport, and Manufacturing, using Engineering of SoS (i.e. SoSE) as a mainstream discipline for the management of large complex systems.

It is a basic premise of this proposal that SoS engineering includes, as a central component, the consideration of societal needs and issues within the management of large, socially-significant system of systems. It is also understood that SoSE is an emerging discipline that deals with ultra large systems that include many heterogeneous systems that may be independently owned and/or operated, distributed, evolutionary in nature and which exhibit emergent behaviours.

The outputs from this Support Action will be a strategic research agenda that will create the environment for the development of concrete research initiatives through which the EU and the US which will collaborate to enhance existing research programmes and set the scene for future programmes. These outputs will be supported by an analysis of the state of the art and high level definition of research requirements in SoSE, and a thesaurus to enable concepts to be shared across industrial sectors and technical disciplines.

Through the creation of a SoSE research agenda commonly agreed by EU and US stakeholders with initiatives to be embedded in future FP7/FP8 programmes the aim of this proposal to increase European competitiveness in, and improve the societal impact of, the development and management of large complex systems in a range of sectors.

Project Approach
This project is planned to last for 24 months. As identified in the ICT-2011.3.3, the overall objective is to increase the competetiveness of European industry and enable Europe to master and shape future developments in ICT so that the demands of its society and economy are met. This aim is achieved through a set of objectives.

The following figure shows the project concept for the T-Area-SoS support action. It uses the sector specific exemplars of Energy, Transport and Manufacturing as initial exemplars to inform the generic challenges of Engineering of SoS itself (which represents the overall management of the large complex systems). The areas of Defence and IT SoS are also going to be considered as inputs to the state-of-the-art, because of the significant progress that has been made in these areas with respect to SoS management.

T-Area-SoS Project Approach Work Package 2 Work Package 3 Work Package 4 Work Package 5 Work Package 6 Work Package 7 Work Package 8

The T-Area-SoS Support Action's objectives are going to be achieved through 8 work packages. These are:

Work Package 1 - Project Management
This work package coordinates the T-Area-SoS project to meet its defined objectives on time. It monitors and reports on the project's progress, and manages contractucal, financial and administrative aspects of the T-Area-SoS support action. There are 3 main deliverables associated with this work package. These are:
D1.1 - Project Handbook.
D1.2 - Mid-term Report.
D1.3 - Final Report.

Work Package 2 - State of the Art
This work package conducts analysis of the State-Of-the-Art (SoA) for SoS management and SoSE research for each of the chosen exemplar industrial sectors (Energy, Transport and Manufacturing) in both the US and EU. It also launches an expert community based on investigations / interactions with external experts in this work package. There are 2 main deliverables associated with this work package. These are:
D2.1 - State of the Art Report.
D2.2 - Launch of the Expert Community.

Work Package 3 - Gap Analysis
This work package carries out a gap analysis on the SoA report produced in the WP2 by identifying challenges, opportunities and innovation gaps across various sectors. Furthermore, it develops a high level requirements specification for new approaches to SoS management of complex systems in general and, where different, for each of the exemplar industrial sectors. There are 2 main deliverables associated with this work package. These are:
D3.1 - Gap Analysis Report.
D3.2 - High Level Requirements Specification for SoSE Research.

Work Package 4 - Rosetta Stone
This work package creates a thesaurus of relevant SoSE terminology and dissemintaes it within the SoSE and associated communities. The activity underpins the alignment of research agenda to ensure consistent interpretation of concepts and provide an artefact that can be of significant assistance to planners of future programmes in SoSE and large scale complex systems. There are 2 main deliverables associated with this work package. These are:
D4.1 - Thesaurus.
D4.2 - Publications.

Work Package 5 - Generation of Research Agenda and Priorities
This work package develops a common vision and strategic research agenda for SoSE as a key input for the workshops to be held in the WP6. It validates the agenda with SoSE and sector specific experts and incorporates their inputs from other sectors such as healthcare, homeland security, banking, etc. There are 2 main deliverables associated with this work package. These are:
D5.1 - First Draft Common Vision and Strategic Research Agenda.
D5.2 - Final Common Vision and Strategic Research Agenda.

Work Package 6 - Collaborative Research Initiative Design
This work package builds on current research agenda to establish new research programmes. It strengthens current programmes through cross-sector knowledge transfer and establishes new understandings of complex large-scale systems to enhance European competitiveness. There are 4 main deliverables associated with this work package. These are:
D6.1 - Project Selection for Workshops.
D6.2 - Exchange Workshop Report.
D6.3 - Draft Report on Initiatives.
D6.4 - Report on Initiatives.

Work Package 7 - Communication Dissemination and Awareness Raising
This work package facilitates communication with and promotes the results of the T-Area-SoS project to the various stakeholders, policy makers, the Expert Community and the general public. There are 2 main deliverables associated with this work package. These are:
D7.1 - Communication and Dissemination Plan.
D7.2 - Recommendations for Training and Education in SoSE.

Work Package 8 - Impact Analysis
This work package assesses the actual and potential impact of the research carried out and deliverables of the project in relation to the project objectives. There is 1 main deliverable associated with this work package. This is:
D8.1 - Impact Assessment Report.